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WiFi Imp Cam Pro EDIT-269x251

WiFi Pro Implement Camera

Price: $ 475.00
Product Code: WIFI IMP PRO CAM

WiFi Pro Implement Camera

View this wireless IP camera from your smartphone or tablet.  Does not require WiFi in your yard.  Great for swing-out augers and tops of grain bins.  It’s a wireless 1/4″ CMOS camera with a 3.6mm lens, 6 PCS high output IR LED’s 12 volts DC with an IR range of 8-20m, a built in WiFi router module enabling a multiple WiFi cam nework, a resolution of 720TVL, it’s outdoor rated, it’s up to 8 camera capable if used with a tablet.  It comes with a 2db antenna, a mounting bracket and a 1.5m (5′) power cable.

Main Features:

-3.6mm Lense.
-720P Resolution.
-Up to 30FPS (Frames Per second).
-Supports Dual Stream (Connect and Transmit at the same time).
-DC +12Volts Power consumption 380mA/hour.
-Built in WiFi Module, WiFi Peer to peer connection, supports various mobile remote monitoring via the internet. (Iphone, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and even Symbian)
-Waterproof and weather resistant housing for outdoor use.
-Wireless Standatd: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, WEP/WPA1/WPA2.
-Built in Router module, can be used to build up a mobile loacal network for data trasmittion and local communication, can also be added into a local network.


Tablet requirements (not included):

  4 or less cameras:   Any Tablet will work.

More Than 4 cameras:

      Processor: Quad Core 1.8Ghz and up.(Total Clock Speed = 7.2Ghz) Example “6 Core 1.6Ghz” Total Clock Speed = 10Ghz) because there is 2 additional Cores the Total Clock Speed is Higher even know the initial clock speed is slower.

      Battery: 3000mAh Or higher. Example “3650mAh Battery” is fine.
      Screen Size: Probably 8 Inch Or larger tablet. The pictures were kind of hard to see properly on the 7 Inch Table we bought from Walmart.
      Ram: 1Ghz or Up.
      Operating System: Windows 8 Preferably or Windows 10 if necessary