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Additional 10X Kit (Small)-269x251

Additional 10X PTZ CowCam Kit

Price: $ 1,515.00
Product Code: LMS-KIT-10X-ADD

Additional 10X PTZ CowCam Kit

This kit enables you to add another 10X PTZ Camera to your existing PTZ system. The pan, tilt, zoom camera has a 4.8 – 48mm lens and can see over a ¼ mile away in daylight. The intelligent infrared vision allows you to see in the dark over 150’ away. It’s outdoor rated and works in temperatures as low as -45°C.

Additional PTZ Camera Kit includes:

– one side mount camera that can pan, tilt and zoom (up to 10x optical)

– transmitter

– two outdoor rated power supply box

– one 10m (30’) camera cable

– two 10m (30’) power cables

– a specially designed camera mount to make the installation easier

– and a 1 year warranty.