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10X  kit

10X PTZ IP Kit

Price: $ 1882.00
Product Code: IP-KIT-PTZ-10X

10X PTZ IP Kit

This kit allows you to monitor medium-sized pens from the side of a pole or a barn wall. It’s a great in-barn camera. This PTZ camera has a 10X zoom (5-50mm) lens that allows you to see up to 400m away (about 1/4 mile) in the daytime and up to 50m (150’) at night with its built-in IR nightvision system. This camera can be rotated (panned) 360°, tilted 90° and zoomed in/out at any time from your NVR or phone, allowing for a full field of view. It’s fully outdoor rated (IP66), water- and dust-resistant and it can withstand temperatures from -40°C (-40°F) to +60°C (+140°F). It will have no problem surviving the harsh Canadian climate. Can be upgraded with more cameras. Add a recording function and use this system to protect your yard for just $150 (1TB HDD) or $220 (2TB HDD).

Additional Kit: $1147.00 Item# IP-KIT-PTZ-10X-ADD
Additional Kit includes the camera, a bridge and the necessary power supplies and cables