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Top-Mount-Camera Kit-720x640

Top Mount 26X PTZ CowCam Kit

Price: $ 2,980.00
Product Code: LMS-KIT-26X-TM

Top Mount 26X PTZ CowCam Kit

This kit allows you to monitor multiple pens from the top of one pole, with a 360° field of view. The pan, tilt, zoom camera has a 3.5 – 91 mm lens (26X optical plus 12X digital for a total of 312X zoom) and can see kilometer away in daylight so it’s ideal for large areas. The intelligent infrared vision allows you to see in the dark over 300’ away. It’s outdoor rated and works in temperatures as low as -45°C.


Complete Wireless System – includes:

– one Top Mount 26X Camera that can pan, tilt and zoom (26x optical, plus 12x digital)

– a PTZ joystick controller

– transmitter

– receiver for the house TV

– two outdoor rated power supply boxes

– a 3m (10’) camera cable

– two 10m (30’) power cables

– one 15’ RCA RX cable

– a specially designed camera mount to make the installation easier

– and a 1 year warranty.