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Category: Accessories


Additional Receiver

By adding this additional receiver to your livestock…
$ 200.00

Additional Remote Control for Receiver

Enjoy the convenience of switching camera feeds on…
$ 25.00
PTZ Controller EDIT-269x251

Wireless PTZ Joystick Controller

This Pan, Tilt, Zoom Controller allows you to…
$ 375.00

Controller with LCD Display

With this device you can control your PTZ…
$ 475.00
iphone 6 Plus Cow Cam website pic-269x251

Smartphone Compatibility Kit

STARTING AT: $495 (DVR/Analog) Make Your Analog/IP System Smart…
$ 495.00

Panel Antenna

High Gain 19 Dbi 5.8 GHz Panel Antenna…
$ 225.00
Data Pro-269x251

Data Pro Kit

This device kit allows you to increase your…
$ 275.00
cat5e Cable-269x251

Outdoor Cat5e Cable

Outdoor rated cat5e Ethernet cable for IP. 8…
$ 0.50

Pole Mount For Camera Power Box

  Comes two with a 12" hose clamps.
$ 20.00
DSC_0939 2-269x251

Surge Protector Panel

Protect your investment with a panel surge protector!…
$ 225.00

24V 2.5A Power Supply

24V 2.5Amp Weather-proof Power Supply for PTZ cameras
$ 55.00

12V 5A Power Supply

12V 5Amp Weather-proof Power Supply for Transmitters and…
$ 55.00
4CH DH CVI DVR-269x251 (1)

4 Channel DVR

This 4 Channel DVR can support up to 4 cameras…
$ 400.00
4CH DH CVI DVR-269x251 (1)

8 Channel DVR

This 8 Channel DVR can support up to…
$ 600.00