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FixedCowCamKit with NO RX-720x640-269x251

Additional Fixed Cow Cam Kit (2.8MM lens)

Price: $ 955.00
Product Code: LMS-KIT-FIXED-2.8MM-ADD

Additional Fixed Cow Cam Kit (2.8MM lens)

2.8mm Lens – This fixed position camera has an IR Range of 25m (80′), at 15′ away you can see 42′ wide.  It’s great for wide/tight areas.  Cattle will look smaller the farther away due to the wide lens.

Additional Fixed Camera Kit – includes:

      – one fixed 2.8mm lens camera

      – transmitter

      – one outdoor rated power supply box

      – one 10m (30’) camera cable

      – one 10m (30’) power cables

      – and a 1 year warranty.